Horsley Woodhouse Primary School

Our Core Purpose

To love learning and to love life.

Our Vision

To be a 'stand out' school at the heart of our community.



Our Core Beliefs

The core beliefs of Embark is to provide the foundation of how we work as a group of schools. They are key in everything we do and when you visit us you will see these come to life in every classroom that you visit and as you walk around school.


Family is very important to us. Like every family, we want our children to feel safe and secure. In our family, we care for each other and hope, dream, learn and play together. We are part of our own school family but also the Embark family. We believe in strong family values and want everyone in our school to feel loved and have a sense of belonging.


Integrity means ‘doing the right thing when nobody is watching.’ Trust and respect are key values to us and are inherent in everything that we do. We expect everyone to maintain high standards in all that they do. To have integrity, you have to be committed, courageous, honest, disciplined and resilient.


Teamwork is crucial. We truly believe that we are stronger together, which is why we are part of Embark. Sharing ideas or excellent practice, supporting our friends to overcome hurdles and achieve greater things give us great satisfaction. We are proud of each other and our achievements rely on one another. We understand that everyone has a part to play in our success. Teamwork creates synergy and we believe that when we work together the effect is greater than the sum of our individual parts. Being part of a team empowers all team members.


Success means every child and member of staff fulfilling their potential. We will not put a ceiling on what can be achieved and we strive for everyone in our school to ‘be the best they can be.’ Our focus is relentlessly placed on ‘whatever it takes’ to make a difference to a child.

Academic success is important to us but is only a part of education. Providing the best possible opportunities for children in Science, the Arts, Physical Education, Modern Foreign Languages, Humanities and other subjects is just as important to us. We want all our children to be inquisitive, confident, happy learners and wish to bring the very best out in everyone. We will celebrate all our successes at every opportunity and look to encourage all of our team.

Main Street, Ilkeston, Derbyshire DE7 6AT

Headteacher - Mrs Parmjit Atwal
School Business Officer - Ms Rachel Langford
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) - Mrs L Goodwin
Chair of Governors - Mr Steve Bramley (email: s.bramley@horsleywoodhouse.derbyshire.sch.uk)

For any enquiries, please contact Ms. Langford or Mrs. Stevens on the following number or email: